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Towards Theology of Pilgrimage

20th February 2018 - -

How can tourist visits to Israel/Palestine become pilgrimages for justice?

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10 affirmations about Jerusalem

15th December 2017 - -

Clare Amos, Clare Amos, Programme Executive for Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation, World Council of Churches, offer ten theological affirmations about Jerusalem.

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‘The Land Between’ – reflections on The Journey of Reconciliation in Israel/Palestine in 2015

27th November 2017 - , , -

“The purpose of the pilgrimage was to introduce participants to the social, political, historical and geographical context of Israel Palestine – and to allow the interaction with context to stimulate our own interaction, and vice versa. It was a potent mix, one which the group rose to and embraced. It was amazing to see perspectives shift, eyes and ears open, and deep friendships forged.” “This wasn’t just a trip to learn more about peacemaking and reconciliation in another country where conflict was causing deep and violent divisions, it was also to inform and challenge ourselves in our own lives and ministries.”

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