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“Lent to us is the Star on which we live” The Agenda 2030: a Challenge to the Churches

11th December 2018 - - , , ,

What is the significance of the 17 sustainable development goals for the churches? How can we act to promote and practice them in church and community.

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An Unquenchable Thirst for More: Faith and Economic Growth

20th February 2018 - - ,

We presume that economic growth is good but we do not ask the question ‘what enables a truly human life?’ When we do, as in this report, we can understand that the economy as a tool that should exist to
facilitate human and planetary flourishing. “Our economic system should be judged by its potential for sustaining life, both of people and planet, in ways that support the common good.”

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Contextual Bible Study

An approach to Bible study that enables participants to speak out of their own experience and context.

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Refugees: To All The People We Can

A resource that focuses on the refugee crisis and provides activities, worship material and recipes to use for an engaging event, Bible study or service.

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Chirp for Joy – Harvest worship

10th July 2017 - -

This Harvest, inspire your church to ‘chirp for joy’ with God’s creation and make a practical difference in communities like Regai’s in Zimbabwe.

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Song of the prophets: a global theology of climate change

A study reflecting theologically on the experience of Christian Aid’s partners of climate change.

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Christian Aid Harvest Resources 2017

4th July 2017 - -

Christian Aid’s partner, the Evangelical Association of Malawi, has already helped 5,000 farmers in southern Malawi to grow pigeon peas and to make a life-changing profit. They’re poised to help 8,000 more poor farmers thrive in the face of climate change.

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