An Unquenchable Thirst for More: Faith and Economic Growth

20th February 2018 - - ,


We presume that economic growth is good but we do not ask the question ‘what enables a truly human life?’ When we do, as in this report, we can understand that the economy as a tool that should exist to
facilitate human and planetary flourishing. “Our economic system should be judged by its potential for sustaining life, both of people and planet, in ways that support the common good.”


This report, produced by Christian Aid, argues that “There is a need to recognise that the wellbeing of all demands different policies and understandings from different nations and from different sectors within society. While some look to grow materially, albeit in a sustainable and just way, others, including most of us in the richer global North, need to examine our assumptions about the pursuit of economic growth and our desire to consume more both for our own future and that of the planet. We are looking at a model of convergence and contraction, which might demand that we who already have much actually retrench to create space for others to experience living and not just surviving.”