Christians on Ageing

8th January 2019 - - , ,


Christians on Ageing supports churches in the UK in improving their knowledge and understanding of older people


With a main objective to support churches in the UK in improving their knowledge and understanding of older people, Christians on Ageing was established 35 years ago. It grew out of meetings amongst activists who were frustrated by the lack of educational and training opportunities for people wanting to provide for the spiritual and personal needs of older people.

C on A has sought mainly to provide information and pointers to good practice. This is reflected in its revised website which carries a summary of its origins and some of its activity since and currently.

C on A plans to hold a conference in Sheffield in the autumn of 2019. This will be the first such opportunity for people to come together for some time. It is hoped this will attract interest and generate involvement, and that more people will be drawn to benefit from the excellent, inexpensive and enlightening publications which C on A has produced.

The challenge for C on A is to become better known, and to be made use of by the many older people who give their lives to local churches. Other older people might begin to do so again, or for the first time, with sympathetic encouragement.

Current membership of all the major Christian denominations in the UK is dominated by older people so it makes sense for all churches to take particular note of the characteristics, needs and potential of their older members. There remains the possibility of welcoming more people of mature years into the fellowship which offers support for those of shared values and belief, at odds with the self-interest and greed of ‘the modern world’.  A positive community of thought toward older people does not deny the desire to include the young and the middle aged.

Christians on Ageing offers an invitation to take the initiative toward understanding more and doing more in sympathy with the strengths and needs of our time. This must be of help to individuals. Every congregation which includes older people and takes itself seriously would benefit from joining, and would add the richness of its ideas and experiences to those of the organisation