Contextual Bible Study

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    18 Jan 2019
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    Contextual Bible Study

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An approach to Bible study that enables participants to speak out of their own experience and context.


This resource introduces the practice of Contextual Bible Study as originally developed by Dr. Gerald West of the Ujamaa Centre in South Africa. In studying the Bible in this way, the emphasis is on reading ‘with’ rather than reading ‘for’ or ‘to’. The emphasis is on allowing the readers (literate and illiterate) to read and interpret the text within their own context, cultural background, and life experience, all with the aim of achieving personal and societal transformation.

It also highlights the Tamar Campaign on gender-based violence using Contextual Bible Study – both for the importance of the issue itself and as an example of how Contextual Bible Study functions.

There are links to various resources for Contextual Bible Study in general and to particular areas where it has been used.