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Church of the Poor

14th February 2018 - - ,

What does it actually mean to be a Church of and for the poor? Here in the UK, are our churches doing enough to stand in solidarity with people in poverty?

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Exploring Migration – resources from Luther King House

9th January 2018 - , -

Materials on Exploring Migration from Luther King House Theme Week relating to learning from the histories of migration and reflecting theologically on migration.

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Bible Study on the Rich Man (Mark 10:17-27)

How does the passage address the whole church rather than individuals so that we may become ‘a poor church, of the poor’

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10 affirmations about Jerusalem

15th December 2017 - -

Clare Amos, Clare Amos, Programme Executive for Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation, World Council of Churches, offer ten theological affirmations about Jerusalem.

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‘The Land Between’ – reflections on The Journey of Reconciliation in Israel/Palestine in 2015

27th November 2017 - , , -

“The purpose of the pilgrimage was to introduce participants to the social, political, historical and geographical context of Israel Palestine – and to allow the interaction with context to stimulate our own interaction, and vice versa. It was a potent mix, one which the group rose to and embraced. It was amazing to see perspectives shift, eyes and ears open, and deep friendships forged.” “This wasn’t just a trip to learn more about peacemaking and reconciliation in another country where conflict was causing deep and violent divisions, it was also to inform and challenge ourselves in our own lives and ministries.”

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Conversions to Justice

23rd November 2017 - - , ,

Looking at his own experience, Richard Kidd suggests that there may be many conversions of different kinds on our journey through life. One of them may be a conversion to justice.

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Art of the Possible

2nd October 2017 - -

A resource to help people in congregations and study groups to explore the links between faith and the world of politics. What are we called to in our local community and in the wider world?

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Stef Benstead

12th September 2017 - , -

Research/reflection on chronic illness and disability

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Contextual Bible Study

An approach to Bible study that enables participants to speak out of their own experience and context.

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Christianity and Mental Health

4th September 2017 - - ,

Theos describes the report as a ‘scoping study’ and hopes to do more work on the topic. It says the report offers real encouragement with Christians and churches doing many good things, but they could also be doing so much more.

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