Towards Theology of Pilgrimage

20th February 2018 - -


How can tourist visits to Israel/Palestine become pilgrimages for justice?


This booklet, Listen to the Living Stones, produced by the Alternative Tourism Group, is the result of  “a search for how to promote the notion that tourism can be a vehicle for the international community to become advocates for peace with justice in Palestine with the goal of ending the occupation. Our search centered on the notion of justice tourism which we viewed as a method and pathway to make known the truth about the Israeli occupation and how it impacts Palestinians. When we defined tourism as a form of pilgrimage, and as a theater of opportunity for solidarity, sharing and caring, we were advancing a new paradigm of tourism within which tourism is a quest for spirituality through encounters in which humankind seeks God’s truth”.

See also ‘The Land Between’ – reflections on The Journey of Reconciliation in Israel/Palestine in 2015″ in the Resources