Second David Goodbourn Lecture

We will be holding the Second David Goodbourn Lecture on the theme: “Theology for a Learning Church: Christian Education, Lay Formation and the Language of “Discipleship”. at 3.45pm, Wednesday 9 May at the Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool. The lecture will be given by Professor Elaine Graham, Grosvenor Research Professor of Practical Theology, University of Chester

Elaine comments that: in an article published in 2012, David Goodbourn surveyed the state of adult theological education, commenting “those who join lay formation schemes come increasingly to see their own ministries in terms of church-based roles.” Recent work on “lay leadership” and “discipleship” within the Church of England notes a similar challenge, of “setting God’s people free” from clericalism in order to exercise a wider ministry as the church in the world. In this lecture, I will examine further this perennial tension between Christian education for the “gathered” and “scattered” church, and consider what patterns of learning and formation are best suited for the challenges facing the church in the world today.